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The Ujamaa Black American Theater is an artist development institution designed to help performing artists exercise their craft in New York City's theater district. The Ujamaa Black American Theater was established in 1977 by Titus Walker the "Black Theater King", who has produced and inspired much of what is seen in Black Hollywood today. The phrase Ujamaa was born from a Swahili term and socialist ideology of social and economic development in Tanzania after it gained independence from Britain in 1961 via its leader Julius Nyerere. 

Our hands on teaching method has proven to take artist to the next level and allow them to explore opportunities within the performing arts. Professional actors, dancers and vocalist are born at the Ujamaa Black Theater. Our social conscious content set us apart from other traditional training and/or shooting that do not have the authority nor educational grounding to communicate subject matter that may be sensitive to audience and actors alike. ​


​Students receive quality instruction from world class African American study specialist via Tajmal Walker a predecessor to Titus Walker. The unorthodox directing style from Ujamaa will create fast thinkers and discipline within the dramatic arts. An important part of New York Arts, Ujamaa has brought many people from the outer boroughs who need a place to understand the structure of the performing arts and how to approach character using Titus walker method acting of people. There is much to be said of the Ujamaa Theater Company that has welcome various nationalities that need place to develop and evolve or get experience profession experience while going commas for the English language. 

For 40 plus years Ujamaa has been a great place for writers to see their original writing stories short and /or scripts get develop, whether you are experienced, beginning, or developing  your craft Ujamaa is a place to grow your theater acting career. 

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